Dead Write in my own field of expertise

Dead Write in my own field of expertise

The following is a version of a comment I offered in response to Joseph Tabbi’s recent article regarding his reflection on 300 works of digital literature.

I suspect Joseph Tabbi’s excellent article and the many subsequent intelligent replies, taken in the context of the current economic climate, surreptitiously suggest moot questions of cultural hegemony, exclusivity and potential unrest among future digital natives. Should I comment directly on the kernel of his original questions, i.e. Can I know if models of reception and commentary will conform, if these digital works will actually ‘work’ in a sense that is comparable to accepted or traditional literary understanding / criteria ? Erm.. no..I can only offer my own messy mispredictions below to mirror his lucid reflections above.

Netpoetic Fun & the world Record breaking Pundit Poetry Generator

I'm really enjoying the netpoetic site, Jason Nelson is a generous, entertaining and somewhat enlightened guy, I will confess I also identify with his sense of humor - check out his videos - if you'd like to learn abit about him and get entertained en route. I will certainly play around with the net poetry / digital lit / interfaces he's developing. I downloaded everything to play with it and while I was playing with his Song generator, some strange ideas popped into my head.

The one minute dream Dog - show n tell

I made this video almost twenty years ago, its part of a longer story I show and tell

The story of the four one minute films. Show n Tell

The four films are poor quality copies from TV dubs of 1 minute films I made on SP video for charity back in 1992. They were initially made at the request of some of the local 'Lions Club' - the idea was about fund raising for the RTE (national television) telethon. Joe from the local Lion's club committee asked us if we could create a short 1 minute film to enter into a telethon competition for such 1 min films/videos. All in the hope that a film would be featured among the others during the broadcast and maybe assist in raising awareness of the plight of our own border town and the charity work that was on-going. He also told us RTE said there would be awards or prizes for the winners. Doc Darcy and I decided to devote a week to making something !

DHO Summer School Photo

DHO Summer School Photo

This image is courtesy Shawn Day from DHO,
the rest of them can be seen over here.

video nostalgia

My friend Doc and I made a series of four of these back in the early 1990's.

Jacques in a green box - fear of writing

I'm not afraid to write four differences.