Temporary Front page (1st one)

Welcome to the personal website of Irish creative Michael J. Maguire.

This site contains various biographical information, articles, stories, blogs, snippets, links to his and his friends' work, examples and pointers of interest to various different places and subjects. This site is an experiment of sorts for an experimental all sorts type of individual and those of similar creative multiplicity who also might like this idea.

While the site bears his name, it's currently designed, not as a eulogy to any one idiotic individual but as a meeting place for many of Michael's old and new friends, colleagues, students and acquaintances. An Internet oasis of intelligent discourse and wry, witty or wrong comment. There is no requirement to perform on this site, none to succeed or shine or standout or be correct. Please feel free to fail. This site merely provides brief pause in the personal journeys of various fellow dreamers, writers, makers, critics, creatives, consumers, produsers and others who might choose to share their individual insight, technique, tricks and tips, info, outfo, opinion or other forms of personal discourse or discussion. While it isn't weighed down with rules... Bebo, Facebook or Linked in.... it aint !!! nor is it ever likely to be, but there is a strong expectation of respect from anyone who chooses to join this community.

Always under development and in a state of mild flux/ incremental change - like maybe life itself, it is not intended for general, where's my bus ? type of banter. It's certainly not envisioned as an academic exchange site nor a professional networking exercise, neither is it an Internet flee market for social media expert types. If you feel the urge to constantly state things in capital letters, offer free ebooks or use bullet points and someone else's images or text in blogs, posts and emails then this most certainly isn't the place for you. If however you enjoy creativity, have an odd idea, and I mean that in both senses, here's a place where you might find someone who could help you to firm it up, flush it out, flog it to death or forget it forever. Who really knows anything.

The words 'temporary', placeholder and under construction will appear in various spots for the next six to eight weeks as invites get sent, content gets uploaded, permissions granted and admin headaches get ironed out, this site is not commercial nor is it likely to become so.

Michael J. Maguire Dec11th 2008