Interrupt vector…

I’ve witnessed a few friends take sabbaticals from social media in recent months, some of them originally swearing off the entire FB/Twitter thing forever and ever and ever and never again… only to see them sheepishly return a few months later. I’m not that naive to think that I could completely disavow all on-line activity connecting me with various individuals, groups and communities, connections for the most part for which I actually feel genuinely privileged in the first instance. Connections seemingly superficial often prove moving on occasion. It’s good to have good friends, it’s great to have funny and entertaining acquaintances, it’s rewarding to be counted worthy to part of a broader creative conversation. There is also a lot of Cats… and funny stuff.

Yet I have grown truly weary and tired in recent months, generally with the current seemingly endless slog of my own life, constantly crawling upwards towards mediocrity on a slippy slope of self-doubt and financial insecurity while specifically suffering lack of focus from my distributed hyper attention, watered down concentration when thee very last thing I need right now is easy and inviting distraction.

I’m fortunate to have enjoyed synchronous communications with some wonderful friends.. but Right now what I need to do is lock myself away and catch up with the important personal commitment stuff.. so I’m taking a couple of months off the net.. I will absent myself from social media for the months of May & June at least.. it may extend to a full quarter If I need to add in July & August..

Now this is a pretty stupid thing to do in one sense, in that my birthday falls on May 20th and each year the number of wishes I receive from friends across the world via social media really does cheer me up and reinvigorate me in a way that no other kind of experience can.. it’s a day when the full gamut of human creative endeavour hits me like a ton of water-lilies, but I gotta do what I gotta do.. I will be out and about doing various gigs, lectures and talks in the next few months, I just won’t be on FB or twitter for that time..

Interrupt vector

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