Here's a first draft of a (normal) poem I wrote earlier today called Asymmetric Silence..

Asymmetric Silence

children holding hands
used to include smiles, wrists, and forearms
sons were not shredded bodies in plastic bags
a sacred rage arose in my soul at such attacks
as I wept at pitiful pixels
reduced value flatscreen inhumanity displayed
no profit there in
shouting unheard, about the slaughter of innocence
and schools of thought less human than before

some remote close friend
a part from this 21st century madness says
we know nothing about the evil we support
nor the truth nor truths nor lies we cannot see
perhaps its best we remain silent you and me
on the side

fear the sun, run and hide, ignore infanticide
for the greater good
be quiet, be still, for peace sake, let them kill
the children, the women,
war is war and war brings peace
and quiet
and silence
and stillness

but only to some.