Christmas cheers for/from Dell

I just today took receipt of a brand spanking new DELL PRECISION M4400 mobile workstation, as a replacement for my M70 that died again on me recently. I'm writing this post on the new machine, learning by doing and all that...

The old M70 was an excellent machine which I've carried half way around the world and back, fairly heavy it rarely let me down, i.e. until the last few months. For whatever reason the graphics card packed in, so dell sent a guy with a replacement and he sorted it promptly and efficiently, next day, as it says on the tin sort of thing.

I currently have quite a bit of Dell hradware, two laptops, two desktops and now this mobile workstation replacing the last M70, the graphics card failed again on the M70, so the guy came equipped with a new motherboard and a second replacement graphics card. I previously went through all that on-line tech and telephone support question sessions and the associated remote test procedures with various Dell staff before it was initially decided that I'd get a second new motherboard and a third graphics card, which quite frankly struck me as being a bit pointless, I mean that action didn't rectify the situation on the previous occasion and I wondered why it was they assumed I would encounter a different outcome on a replica iteration.

Now I simply voiced my concern that repeating a failed remedy seemed not to be the optimum solution, specifically when the original cost of the machine, somewhere around 3K and the additional costs associated with lost productivity, more and more replacement parts, etc had to eating into the cost benfifit on both sides. A discussion among tech support and various supervisors meant that on the later return call the offered to replace the M70 with this M4400.

The M4400 is lighter, has a couple of specs that are different, most notably the 'Dell Control Point' stuff, but I'll figure all that out as required loading it with various macromedia, open office and other software. The main thing is one of my own main tools, a mobile PC that lets me work away from things, is back in my hands and enabling me to write again.

Happy (writing/typing/making) days again with three cheers for the support folks at Dell, thanks for helping out.