2009 a fresh start

Yes, yes, yes, I am going to be positive about 2009, whatever it might bring. I'm going to continue to create and write but this year, I'm going to be just a little dangerous in my approach. (I wrote about that dangerousness thing over on http://www.clevercelt.blogspot.com so I won't rehash all that here.

I've been writing and working on a PhD proposal for the last couple of days so my mind has been fairly focused in one particular subject area, the usual issue with me arose: even that subject area is pretty transdisciplinary. I heard myself again question my general approach to these digital writing ideas, am I becoming in danger of being a jack of all trades and master of none.

Then that old priorities debate came back into focus, why do I spend precious time in obscure conceptual corners of knowledge and creativity ? Particularly when it's readily acknowledged that an accepted route to success is to become an expert, focus on knowing all you can about a small subject area that really interests you. trouble is I'm interested in so many areas and each of them seem to meet at the edges. And for me that's actually where it begins and ends, at the edge, long before the average reader/writer gets to grips with any of it, any of the unfocused, ambiguous, beta, trial, draft, raw, odd, it is for me life itself, and life is all of these things and if I wish to truly know it and live it then it mine must be about exploration, searching, experimenting and enjoying, particlularly when the familiar is absent, when the rules are uncertain, when complexity threatens to swamp the whole thing in a morass of unknowing.

I have yet to find the time to fully figure out the full features of this drupal community creation style content management system and how/where I might include or manage them within this site. The great thing about 2009 is it offers me a really powerful opportunity to revert back to daily writing and creating, I'm also going to do some more human interacting, so I thought this type/style of site would be the best solution in terms of a longer view of digital writing,computer creativity, community and sharing etc.