Basic Bio Information

Twenty -ish things that may eventually emerge from conversation with me, without you having to mention life, poetry, novels, computer creativity or stitches.

1. I believe that life really is far too short to take myself seriously 100% of the time. I know the lads agree.

2. Today 50% of that 100% is spent trying to explore and understand creativity, writing, and the human condition.

3. At least 25% of that 100% concerns itself with humor, fun, enjoyment, play and experimentation.

4. 28.42% of that 100% is devoted to understanding my boundaries of originality and respect for rules.

5. I was born and dragged up in the border town of Dundalk, Co Louth Ireland. Either of the dogs (they travel in pairs) on the streets that I often encountered and asked " So what do you think of it around here ?" inevitably answered: "Ruff".

6. I greatly benefit from a working class background, an acquired middle class work ethic and a fairly diverse education. (Engineering, electronics, theatre, programming, creative writing and new media, Innovation and entrepreneurship, digital creativity and digital literature) The educational system failed me first time around - it simply could not cope with me, nor I with it, only now am I beginning to understand why.

7. All subsequent education has been paid for by my own labors and hard won cash. With the exception of a week spent with Elish Mullen and Paddy O Dwyer in Gormanstown, learning about youth theatre. (Paid for by D.U.C. at the behest of then Arts Officer Mary Cloake) I will always remember their generosity and understanding. Paddy (on day 1): "Every class has its own subversive and Michael is ours."

8. I've had more jobs than 'Howie' from the TV series 'The fall guy'. Selling home made tee-shirts off my arm at gigs in the early eighties, making plays and multimedia in the early nineties, to in the naughties; managing multi million dollar international versions of Flight Simulator and Xbox games for Microsoft to Designing and producing transmedia properties in the last decade.

9. My life is a wonderful, precious gift to be savored and enjoyed, a lot of my friends are already dead, so I spend quite a bit of time thinking about spiritual or philosophical questions like, why was I put here ? where did I put that ? and where and why is the that, that I put ? put in terms of why or how else can it be put ? So while its precious it can also be confusing.

10. I spent 25 years as a happily married father of three sons. I still regularly stimulate my inner child... often in the company of my own children.. who strangely think they are the ones getting too old for games and play now that they are all adults themselves

11. Computer code is as interesting, difficult and rewarding to create as any other creative endeavor.

12. My oil painting is purely about personal fulfillment.. maybe my way of recognizing its idiosyncrasy.

13. I understand the value of most things and the price of nothing. I don't understand or like politics in any form.

14. I can never re-live my youth, turning the clock on 'Williams Defender' three times for 10p.

15. I spend most days in front of two computer screens, completely surrounded by thousands of books I've bought and the unfinished ones I'm writing...

16. Grammar Nazis get on me wick; to the extent, that I make as many, entirely unnecessary, subordinate clauses, contrapuntally creative commas and neologismic subventureous grammatical digressions, as I please. I also understand sentences usually only contain one thought and rhetorical rebelliousness for its own sake is merely self indulgence on a stick without the flavoring.

17. The Socratic method was all very well when the question 'Is there a heaven ?' didn't yield 111,000.000 results in Google.

18. In total, I've had 38 stitches in my head due to being hit by various, stones, rocks (& an oil tanker nozzle) on five separate occasions.

19. My current favorite joke remains Lily Tomlin' s: "As a child I said when I grow up I want to be somebody someday.... now I wish I was more specific. "

20. I will remain forever grateful to Tomás Mac Anna who generously befriended, encouraged and mentored me when I did not understand anything about writing, theatre or creativity.

21. I will always take any opportunity to exceed expectations even if it increases the risk of failure. Which is somewhat in agreement with Michelangelo's. “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low and we reach it”.

22. Technology is not as important as real people but it is important, very important for the future of real people.