What its not - the business

Reading lots but didn't yet get any recent books up on LibaryThing yet, the rest; journals 'n papers via UCD library, Narratology, Ludology, Narratives, IF, Game Design, Digital Poetry, C.S. and then all that 'admin stuff ' that don't spark my standby - twitter, email, memberships, groups, distractions, listmail, social media mail outs, etc etc and odd residual biz phonecalls. I do get fully switched on by the creative freedom I'm currently enjoying, returning full-time to education; it seems kinda out of sync with general recession feeling / sentiment being peddled by traditional media, particularly pre- emergency budget jittering here in the ole sod. When I discuss my decision with some friends I see the latter part of a 'Life of Brian' line popping into their heads... "ten for that..... you must be Mad" and maybe I am but for now it's wonderfully liberating.

Visualize myself as a graceful bird. Hovering high above a large mass of information and choices, an elegant bird of prey sinuously surveying furry potential nutrients ? Resplendent within a powerful life and death food chain and then snap ! I'm merely some skanky seagull flapping about waiting on a tipper of crap to arrive ? As a digital writer, a creative, the choice is entirely mine knowing creative freedom, even in digital formats, is contextual.

Josh Friedman opened his Sarah Connor Chronicles with the line: "I will die. I will die, and so will you. Death gives no man a pass." and says in this interview That's what the Terminators are — they're death coming to get us.

On many levels an epic, brave and original opening a TV series, bearing his then life situation in mind, specifically if I also suspect some spotted executive nephew with focus group responsibilities and medium IQ, lurking along the script commissioning line. Josh's opening smacks of 'classic' - Greek tragedy's fates in the wings - beware, watch out, be on your guard, wonderful really, it also plugs right into humanity's relationship with technology.

Sci-fi aficionados are already familiar with such classic literary undercurrents and underpinnings running through from Forbidden Planet to Start Trek TNG and back to H.G. Wells himself actually producing literary Sci Fi classics. There is a tremendous scope for what I might call 'reverential originality' the chance to exploit the underused potential of our digital mediums to write a more sophisticated mode of story a la Simpsons 2.0 family guy 2.0 etc, having a couple of levels of interpretation open to an audience, ok the fluffy popcorn belly fare is already difficult and rewarding to write but also deeper semantic layers requiring excavation for those taking larger intellectual byte are difficulty squared. My own view is that the very best comedy is that which makes us laugh and afterwards seriously reflect. Drama can be comedy without the risk of soft fruit impacts, it can also be powerful life changing insight into the human condition.

My firm belief is that today's hardware, software, network infrastructures and technologies provide heretofore unimaginable flexibility and opportunity to allow imaginative digital writers to create 'new things'. That's what my PhD is about on certain levels, the making of new digital things - distinctly outside the commercial pressures that can crush creativity, erode electronic originality and fray feelings of ownership or achievement. Like all writing there's a need for a plan and plenty of discipline - this website is an intersection of those, an opportunity to practice both while descending from that dim commercial helicopter / hawk / seagull view.

For me to know that, to find that out, I also had to discover what it wasn't. I had to stay (on-line) and see just what
sorts of options the dump truck produced. As a result I want to steer well clear of that article and internet marketing style of pseudo-writing - despite its attempts at upbeat/uplift & inspirational motivation, its the most depressing and soul destroying form of writing on the Internet.

Despite vacuous claims and outrageous ineptitude, poor construction and even poorer command, its proliferation is drowning out genuine digital voices, original insight, useful and entertaining writing - resulting in a sea of mediocre derivative rubbish that stinks up my screen. Yes in terms of finding a direction and framework for personal creativity I know what its not - the business - that is talentless tautological bollix.