7 days writing makes one week

Its been a full week since I publicly posted anything here, despite the fact that away from this site I wrote a greater volume of words this week than in any other week in my lifetime to date, and that includes weeks containing various academic and commercial deadlines. While volume alone counts for nothing I still ask myself: (in true expose fashion) whats that about ? .... simply that oft & much maligned word: inspiration.

Reading far too much of other people's stuff abruptly switched on my productivity panic button. A mix of delight, then wonder and intense sharply shocking sheer terror, straight out of left field, slick and sliced and deep into my cognitive center - yeah it was as painful as it sounds - expressing it in CSS Mix Lang thus: "FOOOOOOOOOK!!!!! GO SHORT"

Why all the panic ? well I think that's par for the course when it comes to beginning any such large scale research, learning or writing project - A vain/vein in which I'm currently viewing my PhD - I mean LOOK AT ALL THAT BLEEDIN' THEORY & INFO - across so many traditionally disparate disciplines - narratology, psychology, philosophy, technology, oodles of 'ologies' as Maureen Lipman might say were she from wales.

Seriously there really is a vast helicopter view that supports Douglas Adams / Dirk Gentle's interconnectedness of everything principle when you begin examining that humongously large intersections of various disciplines called creativity... and in Zanuck brothers mode... stop calling me seriously.

More laters.... phones ! emails, the meataverse calling.. yup, yup, I would have succeeded too where it not for those pesky kids. Back in a bit.