Time Travelling - Get closer to the action

Odd perspective in the commercial/indent for Sky HD – reminds me of Father Ted’s explanation offered to my fictional namesake ‘Father Dougal Maguire’ in relation to some objects ‘being small’ while others ‘were really far away’ !

SKY seems to have picked up, reversed the principle, and used it to pitch another round of hardware and subscription upgrades to customers –a Graham Linehan undercurrent promoting the medium as having the ability to ‘Get closer to the action’ cue: a variety of slow motion sports shots in close up High Definition – the more: inclement the weather, quivery the calf muscles, preponderant the viscosity of the muck – the bigger the promise of player proximity - upagrade now for gods sake people.

While not in transit, I’m spending this week in, the company of some wonderful people, physically we’re in the classics department of TCD –,  (meta)phorically we’re hiking our way through the humanities and some data visualization workshops ( links to my delicious bookmarks of just some of the tools discussed) as part of a larger Digital Humanities Observatory summer school.

Thus (please adopt an intense oilman vocal tone a la Daniel De Louis )  I have abandoned my .... car…. in the (self) interest of experiencing the technological frontier spirit rather than Dublin’s summer gridlock, I have decided to travel with Irish Rail. When I think about rail journeys I romantically reminisce upon BBC open university graphics that part explained Einstein’s theory of relativity – that as you, or indeed Light, travels when ever more distance objects remain static, time appears to flows differently in each location – While on the train this week, I felt restrained by a similar kind of temporal commuter bubble – when all I really wanted to do was leave the train and participate in the discussions – what discussion would that be ?…

Last week over at Netpoetic I joined up with Jason Nelson, Davin Heckman, Alan Bigelow, Scott Rettberg, Lori Emerson, Hazel Smith, Joerg Pringer, Talan Memmott, Mark Amerika, John Caley, Jim Andrews, Nick Montefort and several other gifted and eminent writers, theorists, practitioners, makers, doers, shakers, good guys and gurls, da diggerati me man….. Seems to me to be a truly wonderful idea, a great opportunity, a crisp, efficient, easy to use implementation and some......

In my view Jason and Davin will breath new and sustained energy into the very idea of digital poetry and digital literature – the Netpoetic community looks set to become  a thriving informed, experienced yet experimental prospect for providing glimpses, insights and discussions (Couple of good ones on-going at present) specifcally around digital literature, digital poetry, E-lit research and other connected areas – and of course the way these things work is we each need to contribute, add our voice, authorial, authorative or in my case absent-  I’m stuck on a train for four hours each day this week.

I was going to post something over at netpoteic tonight but I didn't want to begin by apologising and whinging about summer schools, family comittements, thesis work and other miscellaneous stuff and how it can become extremely tiring mentally while serving only to add to my frustations about not getting some quality posts /comments onto the Netpoetic site – so while I’m almost falling asleep here at the keyboard in preparation for another 5.45am start tomorrow – I just had to somehow stick my oar in, even if I can’t actually ‘Get closer to the action’ just yet.