What not to expect ?

Well that's almost a piece of string, trip you up style cheapo marketing question title really, but at past 2am in the morning having gotten most of the back end of this site up and running (thanks in part to Daniel & his http://www.digiweb hosting colleagues) its maybe one side of the fair question coin, not only of myself but of anyone else who might come surfing in here. Or very worst case scenario, get invited here by me !!

For many years now, my idiosyncratic stuff, my inputs my outpourings & I, has been all over the web, some at http://www.clevercelt.com/ other stuff at gamasutra, bluesnews, Livejournal, triggerstreet, Zooropa, Lulu, Gather, Redbubble, Litopia, the guardian, Delicious, Youtube, Brightcove, Filmmakers network, Gamedevelopers, Blogger, linkedin, writing and poetry groups, the stinging fly, comedy sites, games sites, various technology related forums, wildly diverse lists, book community bulletin boards and more recently facebook, Twitter, Digg, Cracked and elsewhere.. the list is really really long, it was just getting crazy trying to jump from one to another to another.... getting respond emails ... stuff from friends of friends of friends and friends of friends of (alright stan).. some excellent material and stuff and some.. well I read and watched and saw a lot of dross in the last few years, months... minutes.. and seconds... no ones fault but mine, I did, you did, we all did at some point.

I believe all of that was in an attempt to find a community to which I felt I truly belonged. One where I could be inspired and perhraps inspire others. Where I could get information and opinion I could respect, but also offer some of my own experiences, I could contribute to, or start a discussion, without being jumped on. Very much like what happened Chris Meade early last year when he wrote his piece 'Embrace the textual revolution' for the guardian. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2007/mar/22/embracethetextualr...) No one should have to put up with such distorted personalities, some of the so called contributors were prowling their cyberpatch like schoolyard bullies, out to put manner on my friend Chris, because he had the audacity to be optimistic about the future.

Such egotistical condescension and lack of generosity just eroded any respect I might have had for that sort of open discussion style national form on topics which genuinely engage me. If just one of those detractors guys had actually said, I believe this and here is MY OWN work to prove it.. then Chris may have postponed his trip to the pub and the other vitriol would have been seen for what it was... sour grapes and frustration. A lesson there for anyone thinking about having a community on line. So just so we understand, thats something I'm trying my best not to expect...