Please Leave All Thinking Extant


" Writing a “href=” is writing. "

- Loss Pequeno Glazier, “An Online Defense”

  • Purposeless Lethal Aggravatingly Trite Exercise.
  • Pleasing Leisure And Thoroughly Educational.

Behind visual backronyms rotate the concept of a printing pun about my own chaotic (in)capacity to simultaneously absorb several tomes exploring creativity, creative writing, morp/tech/psych-ology, (e)literature, philosophy, poetry, complexity, code, chaos theory etc, while also attempting to dream, to conceive, conjure a pyroclastic flow, to eradicate terms like fictocriticism from memory, focus praxis, write & make stuff, behave myself, literarily.

Ideas inherent in autobiographical exploration of “Old Digital Enfant Terrible: My Arts ” commit potential synergistic sins, surreptitiously visited upon practitioners, intimating that seven deadly, easily becomes eight terminal, with the addition of the networked sin of digital delusion. Some poets are indeed compelled to ‘think through their poem’, Blake’s Divine Imagination supersedes, squashes such thinking, feeling through a poem with hyperlinks and images? ever so slightly chopping, halving, bastardizing, Katherine Hayles: Code is deep” and imagination is multidimensional.

Imagination isn’t more important than knowledge when it comes to your ATM password, it’s the essential nutrient in food for thought, thinking like a philistine eating a luddite lunch, I can’t feel my iambic feet ! (We know we’ve amputated your technological arms) I can riff and jump and link and lump and stump and bump and pop if only from some obscure sense of anagrammatic get your gunnery boredom with shallow sameness.