09.09.09. A happy day where we don’t need negativity right now.

Reports of Irish demise have not been greatly exaggerated, merely branded on the rear quarters of that bolted horse we once called prosperity.
“Could pass for a quote”

I confine my attention to a small creative bubble for a few days and all sorts of offside news carry-on gets going in the meataverse of ole sod generality. Ireland keep world cup hopes alive by beating Cyprus at soccer. The cats of Kilkenny win the All Ireland Hurling final – see you tube stolentelling news report for the ultimate ‘man-up (with sticks) experience’– Non hurler Ryan Tuberty is reported to have intimated in his first late late show interview that the Taoiseach is a drunk. In the wider world’s narrowing interest – Digra (which may not do for the academic ego – what its near namesake does for sexual prowess) extended some hard critical notions about games. Reminding some here of that the intellectual willy waving that ostensibly passed for debate on the McCarthy Report, – ensuring the same economists, experts and commentators not so much sharpen their knives again as pare their crayons for more lyrical waxing about thee latest edition to our National shelf of self help reports – the 500 plus page report from (Warning next link is to actual large PDF copy of the report which may mess up your memory- computer + yours !) the Commission on Taxation.

In these, as we’re told, tough and difficult economic times, who would aspire to be a jester when even our favorite local yokel clown Tommy T bites into a picnic of awkward mass silences when he hurls a few sexual responsibility punch lines of his own in the crowd’s direction ? Whatever the joke about such EP truth, In Ireland we’ve all suffered a sorta Jimmy Dunne style smack in the mouth from an economic hurly, the shock is one thing, the disorientation yet another, but before we can get back to our feet – Coach Biffo and waterboy Brian smother us in confusion on the field of play –dousing us with Nama and Lisbon treaty referendum information, only in the interests of assuring each of us that we still have a part to play in their/our team. The crowd of commentators sing their usual songs of social support or disgruntlement – its really no longer about the economy, and I am (to borrow a film 2009 @Wossy Word) previously ‘certificated’ as not entirely stewpid. Biffo may have read the Lisbon treaty this time round but since then there’s now two more home grown tomes on the collective civic shelf for perusal – what should a conscientious citizen do ? We’re in the three shovels again the wall conundrum – must I take my pick ?

Decision saturation™ is immanent – that isn’t really my trademark btw but since everything else in our little country must now be turned into a commodity and assessed on purely financial terms, I too should tow the line, conform, charge, assess or bill you accordingly, contextualize our exchanges in cash or depleting or diminishing monetary terms – not some wordy ideas thang – ironically the only stocks that aren’t running low are those of mass superlatives, I was four years old when NASA put a man on the moon, I was twenty four when the Berlin Wall came down and twenty years on from that genuinely historic event, every incidental twist and turn that has slowly and painstakingly become the historic economic credit crunched depression collapse daily negative ‘down the pan, we’re all buried up to our bald ox in negative equity, just as fooked as the next guy, news items, suggests no longer original or epic shock proportions, each descending point on the graph, although less and less relevant to daily lives, is non the less repeatedly reported as sad, difficult, tragic, but most of all‘historic’. over and over, historic this, historic that – Come back Futayama all is …. forgotten..

Here’s my own partially insane historically borrowed idea (From AL):
“People are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

Which is a toughie right now – Ireland has several indigenous & foreign banks in situ – and I mean banks not those financial Daz brigades in the IFSC but actual hard stone high street varieties – the ones with little counters and big balance sheets and guarantees from stable economies, - all little people like me already have a state guarantee on savings in Irish banks – micro as they might be – let’s see what happens – in a sort of inspired by Heath Ledger joker moment – if we let our Irish ones implode – that’s right feck the Irish banks, let them fall, all of them, each and every one that has pilfered and protracted and exploited for profit – they are not performing their core function of supporting the flow of capital through lower levels of the Irish economy, wait a minute, and vote no to Lisbon while your at it, Actively canvas against Nama , reject all that waffle whereby they tie it all together into misery, the cessation of foreign investment, the rise of unemployment, a return to net emigration, slowly darkening your child’s future while implicating you in the creation of your own future guilt trip.. Tell them they are very wrong – you’ve already made your mind up to be happy – positively happy.

Here on the Dangerously addictive Internet you didn’t honestly expect a rational or balanced argument did you – I mean I’m most certainly neither politician nor conspiracy theorist, I don’t sell anyone anything - I don’t rely directly on anyone for support of a financial nature – I don’t, we never, doom, gloom, I can’t, we shouldn’t, no, no, no, never, won’t couldn’t , can’t etc. I too could easily fall into the totally negative bias operating currently in the Irish media’s language, nothing sells better than that foreboding negativity, the human brain has always looked for flaws, threats, – seeking signs of danger, it may even be wired to crave irregular blips, embellishments. Now we have packs of black dogs providing contrast to the light one – we may need darkness to recognize light but I take my head away from my internal creative world for only a few hours to see what’s happening in the wider world and its not long before I’m personally fed up bumping into so many flavors of this same squalid money centric negativity – and from so many quarters – its all about the euro, dollar, pound (of flesh) the squib, the dosh, forget about any chances of making up your own mind, we’ll collectively persuade you how miserable you already are in one breath and show you ‘ as one English soccer player so succinctly put it: “the carrot at the end of the tunnel” with our next.. which maybe our or your last breath. Be miserable today so that we can lead you by the hand throw the tunnel tomorrow.

But beware Swine flu – health warning !: just in case I seek to retreat into my own genuine wealth that is my health and my family – lets frame that thought again in a health scare ! The currently proposed triplicate of actions: nama, Lisbon, Severe Tax laden Budget, positively serve neither me nor my family in any way. For me it just isn’t the economy stupid, it’s the quality of life & community – the quality of my contentment and happiness - neither of which money improves in significant proportionality beyond about 50K - my attention to the care and support of others, my duty to think for myself and help out where possible these are the actual important things, not bean counting, land grabbing, being mean spirited, or being bombarded by negativity. It isn’t only the Irish economy that should concern ordinary people. Did that horse kick us in the head as it bolted ? Lest we do forget – you can make up your own mine to be happy today – I just did.