off the page (updated)

Once my current favorite tune - from Norway !

'Vision one' by Royskopp ( (from their album 'Junior' - [UPDATE] since I originally posted this entry the Video has been removed from YouTube - with the usual violation warnings) Well the song worked for me on a couple of levels - the tune - innovative modern music ! up until about 47 secs it sounds like it could have been produced in almost any year/era - then the naughites homage to Herbie Hancock base sound (turn it up there) kicks in, followed swiftly by an autotune augmented verse - yes its modern music, a modern upbeat lament and some of its harmony reminds me of an eighties riff that just escapes me right now. Despite its almost dystopian sentiment, I find it (& most of the album) to be pretty excellent listening while trying to make flash stuff. I mean classical music certainly has its place - mostly between 09.00 and 11.45 on 'self delusion Thursdays' (as I've taken to calling them when reviewing my Phd work on Fridays)

The subject matter of Royskopp's Vision one (Track 3 BTW) - I mean ermm lyrics - centers on the idea that 'we've already evolved into machines, in our minds'. Something which is kinda haunting me right now, whether it's back looking at Virgil's interpretations of the transformative power of the technologically enabled or a Jungian perspective on progress - I'm wall to wall with theorists opinions on machines and their impact on human creativity. Ironic then that without it, Royskopp would just be a din din din on a tree trunk sorta song and I'd be scrapping the ground with a stick right now.

Koestler, Sternberg, Csikszentmihalyi, De Bono (not Da Bono of 'U2 can avoid tax' fame the other guy with all the headgear) and other eminent theorists have a handle on creativity apparently, it's constituent parts - which don't include man flu - which I've been recently struck with it and its a complete bummer in terms of productivity - can be separated into temporal stages - reminds me of my first reading of Marvin Minsky's society of mind - while it struck me as utterly brilliant (lets not forgot the working class school averse context here) I thought to myself - do people really think in such mechanical / logical fashions ? - and much to my relief we don't, that is I never did and now its been confirmed that you don't either - despite what Marvin had to say - ever wonder why Douglas Adams called his creation Marvin - just a thought.....

Anyway the reason I really like Royskopp's song is because it is a solid example, despite the subject (doesn't) matter, of a really well crafted track, crafted i.e. using 'advanced' technology - which is where I'm trying to get to most days - some craft to this writing - aided by technology.

I think I'm in a kinda Norway frame of mind because I was recently looking at this and thinking of going along - it looks fascinating, entertaining, and I know Kate and Renee are gifted. Just the flight from Dublin to Begen alone will cost me about 400 squibs - so I'm mulling it over more than usual Also I'm slowly going stir crazy surrounded by cigarette smugglers, protesting public servants, depressed unemployed people, whinging property owners while slowly witnessing the commercial life of my ole border hometown get sucked away by the depreciation in sterling - I saw a report the other day saying that 250,000 people from the republic were now planning to shop in the north.

oh and maybe one in Norway.