Making a Monkey of myself on Twitter: 500 tweets 430 days 5 points.

  1. Monkey in cockney rhyming slang, is five hundred English pounds.
  2. Monkey has become the basic unit of literary stupidity thanks to widespread miscomprehension of the Infinity Monkey theorem
  3. Monkey mind in the Buddhist tradition is one where thoughts jump from one idea to the next without proper or sincere concentration

1. Sharing. Twitter is about sharing with followers, those connected to you, in under 140 characters what is happening or occurring to you, wherever you are, (maybe somewhere in cyberspace) at a given time. It’s a lightweight live or asynchronous communication tool - it’s called ‘twitter’ for a reason.
2. Ideas. Twitter is not about proposing highly complex theories or multifaceted ideas for mass endorsement – but it does get used in as many different ways as there are interesting people using it – if ideas are good – naturally they get retweeted by others and thus spread. The only proper way to find out what works best, is to tweet your own ideas or thoughts your own way.
3. Confidence. Twitter is not push broadcast technology, it is about conversation, however brief, obtuse or even second-hand. Many of the most connected people are such because they are confident communicators, not necessarily highly original, deeply insightful, or humongously talented in any way, although in some instances they actually are, the irony of twitter is that, having something interesting to share is only the starting point.
4. Numbers. Numbers appear important on Twitter. Some twitter ‘personalities’ are already over exposed in traditional media but still fan their flame of fame using twitter. For others this encourages a delusional numbers game whereby numerical endorsement becomes more important than quality of interaction or communication. Popularity in a twitter tool has yet to translate to fandoms in the meataverse. I have come to understand that my tweets fit in the extreme tip of Chris Anderson’s long tail, although my interests are broad and I enjoy following a diverse range of talented and inspiring people, my niche is a golden thread of enjoyment that flits and fascinates relatively few. I am very happy about that fact.
5. Monetization. There was a picture of a monkey on the old 500 rupee note back in the days of the raj in India and apparently that’s where the cockney rhyming slang image connected with 500 originates. I have had no interest in making money on-line to date, and as such I grew tired of all the marketing and social media expertise that bombarded my twitter account, so I protect my tweets, stayed well away from expert marketers and social media experts – because that’s what works for me. I enjoy the fluff of twitter partly because I have now removed most of those trying to sell me stuff.
6. Rules in Twitter ? Like rules in writing, these could be harnessed to gain awareness of what you are doing when you ignore, flaunt, or entirely and totally disrespect them. Links for links sake are a bore, constant self publishing and self promotion is a complete bore, and should everyone abide by replicate practices and common behavioral patterns what an utterly dull and pointless activity the whole twitter thing would become. When social media experts recommend the best template to spew standard three line marketing paragraph copy while you listen, listen, listen to customers, influence networks, all the while your creativity homogenizes into a cross between corporate carbon copied crack waffle and misspelled spam messages – please.... after 500 tweets the most important thing I've learned.. for your own sake and those that might privilege you by following you – do your own thing.