A Facebook friend asks: what does 'creative writing' mean ?

A friend on Facebook asked this interesting question:
"what does actually 'creative writing' mean? what do you have to learn to become a creative writer?"

I'm not sure how others define that term, my own view is quite simple: the only way to become any kind of writer.. is to write.. and that usually means reading and writing lots of different types of stuff for quite a relatively long time - before someone else, of their own volition, might actually want to read what you've written - unless you possess that even more elusive term 'talent' - in which case its striving and working for maybe less than half a lifetime, or sooner if lady luck strikes.

Writing in a context informed by a desire to be somehow original, pursuing form or content that is not directly derivative, has prominent aspects of novelty, seeks to challenge, entertain, inform, personal, insightful or inspirational, in new ways, is maybe 'creative', combining that with some common sense, starts each of us on a path that has no agreed destination in terms of learning anything. Know something about life and its creative aspects, the strong urge to produce something new, developing a sense of what 'creativity' means to us, as individuals, Creative writing is somehow that creativity, expressed in language..

or not as the case may be...