Subjects introduction

Here you find many of the subjects which light, power and inspire my own imagination, desire, soul and satisfaction. There are two common themes occurring and obviously those themes are creativity and technology.

Creativity is perhaps the least valued personal attribute in modern society, although that appears to be changing, nevertheless it remains way behind commercial acumen, financial and physical prowess, celebrity, academic or scientific reputation, even punctuality, drive or ambition and other relatively ephemeral human characteristics, yet creativity is firmly based on creating value.

Personal definitions and understanding of value, like tastes in ice cream, are subjective and subject to change, so if I need to explain what value lies in developing, improving, understanding or enjoying your own and others' personal creativity, and obviously we could never be solely focused on material value here, then you may be in the wrong internet space.

Technology is an unparalleled enabler for creative individuals, five years ago a writer friend asked me was it true that not being computer literate in ten years (from then) would be the (then) contemporary equivalent of being illiterate? I genuinely didn't know enough about that question to offer an informed answer, and today there are more qualified, more experienced and more knowledgeable individuals available to offer a definitive answer to that question. I do know however that technology has allowed and encouraged new forms of literacy. These new literacies, modern means to express and understand ourselves as creative individuals, offer new ways to frame and explore age old creative questions while posing new opportunities and challenges.

Anyway the subjects (as they evolve) are currently grouped like this:

The Art and Craft of Writing and Digital Literature.
Digital Media and Digital Media Design.
Theatre and Real world Arts.
Transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary even.
Stuff & Tech Stuff we think about and tinker with.

And those Subjects can be divided into activity areas on this site like this:

View, Review, Comment, Recommend, Share, (which may just seem a Tad passive to some)
Dream, Speculate, Criticize, Praise, (somehow more confidence or assurance might be required for these ?)
Blog, Poll, Post, Publish, Create, Edit, Inform, Learn, (now we're approaching the 21st century tech)
Aggregate, Collaborate, Discuss, Disseminate, Upload, Interact, Teach. ( Doing these things means participating fully in the community)

Now while democracy works, it often needs a final arbiter, facilitator or adviser to decide on contentious or vague things, an essential part of my own personal creativity is my understanding and ideas about 'Vision'.

Vision is a term almost as corrupted as the word 'Maverick' few people (unless you're Yeats i.e. ) can attest to having a crystal clear, if at all encompassing, crisp or clear artistic vision of their own creativity, I don't either but I am prepared to dedicate time and effort to this site in the hope of finding some elements to feed and grow that vision, my greater hope for, and primary purpose of, this site is that it may inspire others to follow suit and ask there friends, fans, followers and even family to join them in their journey of creative exploration.