stable enough scene

On the occasion of the announcement of his intention to not seek re-election. I began writing a short entirely fictional cabinet scene between a certain Dermot and a less certain Brian.. It began as the end of a much longer post A tale end of the Celtic tiger… ( Long) which I archived there should you want to read a bit of background.

Fiction I told them... on national television while the IMF were raiding the minibars, I was on telly saying there being here was fiction, we need to start doing business a different way round here Brian, keeping all of us in the loop, in the circle, on the wire, connected together, the family thing, you know... informed.

No Dermot not inform, Ireland needs to start in terms of 'reform'.

Well in the first instance, people like that rotund git Dan Boyle – pontificating on the UK's Channel 4 news the other evening he should be barred from being able to speak about, interfere with or become involved in government policy – i.e. anyone whom the electorate has firmly rejected in his or her own constituency should not be appointed to any political position or be allowed to arrive on my TV and seem to sound like he represents public opinion – why did Brian give him that comfy chair in the senate.

He's the chief tree hugger of the green party, we had to give him something to get them into government - a coalition has its give and take, just ask Nick and David... policy is one thing.. piles another...

If his own people said they didn’t want him elected – then why is he bullshitting on international TV and in the Senate – why do we even have a senate – why are there so many of us overpaid TDs, why the bloated civil service. Why don’t we just default on all those greedy bondholders… Why don't I just leave this fiction entirely.... we should all forget about business as usual and embrace a new 'default' situation.....

Hey now, talk like that, could destabilise the Irish banking system and the euro if we default – the bondholders we expect to borrow from when this whole thing settles down are the very same bond holders we’ll burn if we default.

Remind me why have we been pumping public money into Irish Banks – that faithful point where you and Biffo decided to link national assets and sovereign debt to some numbskull bank ass covering guarantee?

Well its entirely obvious, it was to stabilise the banking system.

And that croak park agreement ?

To stabilise the economy.

Wasn’t that what the four year plan was supposed to be for ?

That’s to stabilise our balance of payments, like our economic health overall.

Wasn't Mary Harney in charge of that from the last idiot coalition.

Mary is a fine upstanding colleague of mine whom we'll finally be able to dump pretty soon.

And we’re supposed to agree to borrow 85 Billion from the ECB and IMF… because ?

Well we don’t want to destabilise the economy or the euro now do we Dermot.

What about that new four year plan then ? which is actually an advance budget that doesn’t get approved (if at all) until next week anyway – wasn’t that meant to stabilise something too.

Well yes its part of an overall strategy…

To stabilise ?

Oh yes.... and also to avoid destabilization…

So, as a county, a nation, a society, if we are engaging in all these various economic actions on the basis of stabilizing stuff and not destabilising other stuff – why is it the International Bond markets remain unstable ?

Ah now it’s a lot more complex then that….

Is the main reason behind so much talk of stabilization the fact that all we've been doing for the last two years is talking horse shit ?