About Michael J. Maguire

I have been reading, writing, making and breaking, for quite a long time, and have become wise enough to know that I am still learning. I have a long history of writing for various types of media, creating new forms, new works in various innovative forms and new forms of experimental work, within the private sector and also in the public domain.

Learning through traditional methods, personal reading, community participation, praxis… and ‘others’..

I spent a number of years teaching in various educational and academic institutions in Ireland, from ‘difficult’ primary school kids, (horizon progamme) to second level transition year classrooms, to third level BA and Post graduate MSc and MBA cohorts. Numerous MSc and MBA supervisions. I was also fortunate to teach at 4th level ( Professionalization of your PhD). As always it is my wonderful students who are the shining stars. As GBS said, at some points, the only way left to learn… is to teach.

Comedy is my favorite genre, followed closely by Science Fiction, I read a lot, to enable me to write a little.

Various types of teaching from large scale auditorium style lecturing to technical workshops with 40 students
I had the pleasure and privilege of delivering the first keynote of the 2019 ELO conference

Others have written about my previous engagements with computer games development and my practice and evangelization of digital and electronic literature here in Ireland..

My professional profile is available on LinkedIn

I have been interviewed many times on Radio and in various Podcasts like this one.

I no longer do public engagements nor interviews however good the cause.

Have a look around this website and if there’s anything that interests you, feel free to comment, by commenting you will be asked for your email. If any of your comments are related to:


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While this is a completely personal website and has zero commercial aspiration or content please respect the worthy ideas, as I do, of intellectual property and proper attribution.